Zebra Thermal Printers just got smarter !



Printers are often the forgotten element of an IT network but are an essential cog in the business machine.

Within manufacturing and transport and logistics precise, efficient labelling ensures orders are shipped to correct depos for distributions and deadlines are met. In healthcare printers are an important element in the identification of prescriptions and patients alike and for retailers labelling ensure accurate inventory management.

Zebra have designed their newest thermal desktop printers to be more intelligent, efficient and user friendly to ensure this business-critical function operates at peak performance all the time.

The newest editions to the ZD range incorporate Link-OS – Zebra’s unique printer software. An enterprise printer operating system, Link-OS features advanced connectivity capabilities, device management, privacy controls and can utilise a comprehensive range of applications, utilities and developer tools to simplify day to day use and increase visibility and management of your network.

Link-OS applications include

  • Cloud Connect – Allowing printers to interact with the Cloud means data can be forwarded to any port in real time for streamlined applications
  • Profile Manager – One app to manage an entire network of printers, anywhere in the world on and device.
  • Print Touch – Utilising NFC technology smart devices and scanners and quickly and easily be paired with Print Touch enabled printers for printing or fast resolution of problems.
  • Virtual Device – Storing legacy and competitive languages as on-printer apps Link-OS printers can choose between command languages.

Both the ZD420 and the ZD620 are available with a more intuitive user interface including 5 LED status icons; status, pause, data, supplies and network. Users will be told exactly what the printer needs for speedy resolution of problems. The ZD420 has a ribbon cartridge which alerts users when a replacement is required and can only be loaded one away- resulting in a fast swap out and reduced downtime.

The ZD series features a movable sensor – allowing for non-Zebra media compatibility and a variety of styles including die-cut notches and multiple labels across the width. More media options mean more application flexibility and increases return on investment.

Suitable for applications such as asset labels, lab and specimen labels, shelf labels and shipping labels in manufacturing, retail and transport and logistics the ZD Printer series offers a new level of features and functionality.

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