Wi-Fi Vulnerability Assessment

At TEC ID we understand that Wi-Fi is important to keep the wheels of your business turning.

Not only do we provide installation of new wireless infrastructure, we also offer a free Wireless Vulnerability Assessment to businesses who already have Wi-Fi.

The key questions you need to know as a business:

  • What Wireless Devices are present within your Office, Warehouse or Distribution Center?
  • Which channels have active traffic in the 2.4 and 5 GHz band?
  • Are there any sources of non Wi-Fi related interference in these frequency bands?
  • Our wireless Vulnerability Assessment checks the health of your network and tests the robustness of your network. We will help investigate rogue devices and generate a spectrum analyser to help protect your business against any rogue devices that may pose a threat to the securuty of your WLAN.

Questions that our survey will help to answer about each access point are:

  • Is the AP running the latest firmware and security patches?
  • Does the manufacturer still support and provide updates for your access points? Or is your product now end of life and latest firmware not available?
  • Has the SSID been changed to fit the needs of your business?
  • Has the default administrative login/password been changed and is it easy to hack?
  • Are stronger authentication options available (e.g., private keys)?
  • Are there any unnecessary ports open?
  • BYOD policies and Guest Wi-Fi security checked?
  • Are those open ports vulnerable to known exploits?
  • Are encrypted administrative interfaces available (e.g. https)?
  • Have security alerts or logs been enabled (e.g., syslog, traps)?
  • Have filters been used to prevent unauthorised protocols from propagating through the AP into the wired network?
  • Are filters available/used to block user-to-user wireless?
  • Is the AP using the right SSID and channel?
  • Are its security parameters consistent with defined policy?
  • If the AP is using WEP, how long does it take you to crack the key? Consider WPA2 upgrade
  • Is the AP emitting any known weak initialization vectors (IVs)?
  • If the AP is using a PreShared Key (PSK), is it easily cracked?
  • Can the AP withstand simulated 802.11 DoS attacks (e.g., Authenticate floods)?

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