The Intelligence matches the Brawn with Zebra Industrial Printers



Built for endurance and reliability in the most demanding of working conditions, the ZT500 and ZT600 Series printer combine strength and performance with intelligence in a user friendly package.

Both the ZT500 and the ZT600 are Link-OS enabled – the proprietry printer operating system from Zebra, that allows for greater visability, remote management and easier device maintenance.

With Link-OS users are able to access applications such as PrintTouch; via NFC communications simply touch your smart device to the printer to print or troubleshoot a problem and access how to videos.
Through Profile Manager you can manage, deploy and edit whole groups of printers or just the one – real time information available at the click of a button.
And with Virtual Devices, legacy and competitive command printer languages are not an issue as they are seen as an on printer app.

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