Retail Barcode Scanners

Retail is changing dramatically as digital disrupts the shoppers buying journey and alters the expectations of customers visiting your bricks and mortar stores.

The speed and quality of your customer service has never been more under the spotlight.

Customers can buy anything they want online and often at a cheaper price. The question retailers are asking, is how can we motivate shoppers to visit bricks and mortar stores.

Barcode Scanners for Checkout

Technology definitely holds some of the answers and ensuring your checkout is fast and efficient is a great place to start.

Zebra’s fixed point of sale barcode scanners and barcode readers keep transactions fast and accurate and checkouts flowing smoothly.

Your choice of retail barcode scanners has never been more important and the right technology will help ensure your sales staff can scan items of all sizes and read barcodes in nearly any condition.

Barcode Scanners for Loyalty Apps and Cashless Payment Apps

Zebra’s 2D barcode scanners and 2D barcode image scanners mean you can scan loyalty apps directly off a mobile phone or tablet.

Quickly capture customer data at point of sale and reward customers for visiting your store.

Hands Free High Speed Barcode Scanners

DS457 Fixed Mount Scanner Series

The Zebra DS457 Fixed Mount Scanner Series can help, delivering fast, high-volume hands-free scanning of virtually any barcode— including 1D, 2D

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DS4308P Hands-free Barcode Scanner

Cashiers can switch instantly between handheld and hands-free mode by simply setting down or picking up the scanner. The Zebra DS4308P barcode scanner will scan any barcode on any medium in any condition.

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Zebra DS9808-R Barcode Scanner – 1D, 2D and RFID

The DS9808-R barcode scanner from Zebra is a ground-breaking POS device that combines a 1D/2D barcode scanner and RFID reader. The Zebra DS9808-R Barcode Scanner also represents a new RFID product category — the first combination handheld/hands-free UHF RFID reader.

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