Field Force Management

Mobile computer technology is assisting teams in the field to serve their customers and their organisations more effectively and efficiently. The use of wireless barcode scanners and rugged mobile barcode scanners has proved a game changer. Today’s organisations must cope with growing pressures ranging from tougher competition and eroding margins to the increasingly difficult task of finding and retaining good employees. For Couriers and delivery companies, it is now essential for electronic proof of delivery solutions to connect delivery information with the customer.

Zebra TC51 and TC56 Rugged Barcode Scanner

The new Zebra TC51 and TC56 Rugged Barcode Scanner / Touch computer has the design and style of leading consumer smartphones, but is packed full of the enterprise features, rugged build, power and security to maximise the efficiency of your team in the field.

TEC ID has a range of software solutions ideal for Electronic Proof of Delivery and together with the Zebra TC56 reduces maual entry and paperwork in the field.

Key Features of the Zebra TC51 / TC56 Smartphone

5″ display supports graphic intensive apps
Signature Capture on Screen
Lightning fast 1D and 2D scanning
Upgradeable Android Operating System
13 Mega Pixel Camera
Drop proof, water and dust resistant
14 hour battery life

A Connected Workforce

If your field force use multiple devices to communicate and access data, they suffer from “communications disconnect” which drains efficiency and reduces productivity.

Supporting smartphones, rugged barcode scanners and rugged tablets along with their software is expensive and increases the cost per worker in the field.

ePOD applications on the Zebra TC56 communicate between the mobile device in the driver’s vehicle and your transport management team, keeping them up to date without distracting the driver. Electronic Proof of Delivery Solutions really improves your customer service levels, real time updates allow you to quickly and efficiently answer any customer queries relating to deliveries. Routes will be optimised and work will be scheduled to reduce transport costs and save time.

Zebra offers field force teams “Workforce Connect” which brings together your voice and data communications into one multi-functional mobile computer that allows your workers to do it all:

Access information in your line-of-business applications
Take voice telephony calls
Instantly reach a co-worker
Manage a team located across the country or globe

The Zebra TC51 and TC65 Rugged Android Smartphone

A super-efficient hex-core processor of the Zebra TC65 rugged android barcode scanner uses up to 15% less power than the average consumer smartphone, applications run up to 5 times faster and the 5-inch sunlight readable display provides your field force with easy, familiar and flexible multi-touch operation that works even when wet – with a gloved finger or a stylus. The Zebra TC51 and TC65 rugged android smartphone also features an integrated 2D imager.

The TC51 and TC65 Zebra rugged smartphone is the perfect device to support your field sales team, support your direct store delivery team and to coordinate the management of your vehicle fleet.

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