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Mobile Devices for Couriers

Unmatched reliability.

Choosing a mobile computer for couriers and delivery can be a challenge. Fragile and unreliable handheld devices can ruin productivity.

You need a device that can last all day on a single battery. You need a rugged device that can handle being dropped to hard services. You need a device that can work with blistering heat, freezing cold, rain, dust and more. You need a comfortable device to easily operate for a full shift. You need a powerful device running on compatible, easy to use software to operate enterprise software.

Casio’s range of mobile computers are designed to maximize their effectiveness for Logistics and Couriers. They have the ruggedness, reliability, battery life and performance to minimize breakages and downtime. Learn how Casio’s devices can help your courier business improve their efficiency.



A rugged, ergonomic, mobile computer with a extra long battery life, a 2D imager and a keyboard for data input.



A full touch, fully-rugged mobile computer and smartphone with 2D scanning and a 5″ touchscreen.

DTX-400 Grip Mobile Computer

Ergonomics and Comfort

The DTX-400 is built for comfort and reliability. The device is designed with a grip shape with non-slip texture on the back for comfortable handling. The weight is balanced to reduce fatigue. Trigger buttons are located on the back and both sides, making scanning operations easy for all users.

Powerful features

The DTX-400 is equipped with a CMOS to scan 1D and 2D barcodes with ease. It comes with a built-in keyboard with domed keys, making it easy to operate while wearing gloves. The 3.2” HD touchscreen gives you flexibility and is designed to be super visible even in bright sunlight.

Rugged and Reliable

When it comes to reliability, the DTX-400 delivers. It has an unmatched 30-hour battery life. It is a truly rugged device with a 3-meter drop spec and IP67 sealing, protecting it from dust ingress and submersion in water. 

Easy to Use

The DTX-400 runs on Android 8.1, making the device easy to use and compatible with the latest software programs. It comes with WiFi, LTE and GPS functionality and an 8MP digital camera, providing the functionality of a smartphone with the ruggedness, reliability and form factor of an enterprise mobile computer.

ITG-400 Mobile Computer

For those who don’t need a physical keyboard and would prefer a larger screen, the ITG-400 is for you. It provides the user experience of a smartphone with high-level scanning capabilities, ruggedness and reliability.

Powerful Features


The ITG-400 runs on Android 6.0 with Google Mobile Services applications and a software scan button overlaid on any app. It packs a real punch with a 1.2 GHz Quad Core CPU, and 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. It can scan damaged, faded and soiled barcodes with ease with an advanced CMOS 2D imager.

Tough and Dependable

When it comes to reliability, the ITG-400 has you covered. It can handle 1.5-metre drops and adverse weather conditions with IP67 sealing. Battery life is no problem with the 5800 mAh battery. It can also operate in temperatures between -20C and 50C.


Ease of Use


Along with long battery life and rugged build, the ITG-400 comes with a 5” HD touchscreen, NFC, LTE and GPS. For easier operation, it also comes with physical navigational keys. It gives you full functionality without compromising ruggedness, reliability and battery life. The ITG-400 is fully compatible with MDMs such as SOTI, including with MobiControl stage. 

Try Before You Buy

When it comes to handheld devices for couriers, Casio has the battery life, ruggedness and performance that you need. Click the link below to request a demo for one or both devices.